Zurenuoc explains spending


FINSCHHAFEN district, Morobe, has received just K4 million of its promised K10 million service improvement programme (SPI) funding for this year, according to the local MP.
Theo Zurenuoc (pictured) said this has affected service delivery in the district.
Zurenuoc, who is also the Speaker of Parliament, said this during
a graduation ceremony on Wednesday at Gagidu station.
He said the Government was facing cash-flow problems and that was why the district service improvement programme (DSIP) funds for most districts have been reached them in full.
“The country has a problem with money and our district has not received its full K10 million,” Zurenuoc said.
“Up till September, we have
just received K4 million only.
“We have sat down and divided this K4 million to key priority
“Because the district has many needs we have looked at the priority areas only and funded them.”
Zurenuoc gave a breakdown of how the K4 million was spent:

  • mv Maneba dry dock maintenance – K1 million
  • ward development – K770,000 (K10,000 to each ward council);
  • law and order – K550,000;
  • road maintenance – K1 million;
  • outstanding arrears – K400,000; and,
  • Administration costs – K500,000;

Zurenuoc said the district could only complete and deliver projects when funding was received from the Government.
“Don’t think that we have pocketed your money,” he said.
“We did not do that; we have put the money on the table and give it to the district administration to do the job.”
Zurenuoc said despite the struggles in funding many positive things were happening so people and authorities must work together.

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