‘2010 the year for restoration

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THE Department of Community Development has declared 2010 as the year for restoration of wasted opportunities.
Secretary Joseph Klapat announced this during the department’s dedication service last Wednesday in Port Moresby.
“This dedication service is to dedicate all our new plans, the annual operation plans, staffs, hearts and minds towards working together to serve our people.
The key challenge for us is leadership and in order for our plans to work, we need to overcome challenges posed by leadership issues,” Mr Klapat said.
 Mr Klapat said that he was inspired by the Book of Joel to restore wasted years that were not put to good use.
 He urged all his staff to ‘put on the armour of leadership and be the beacon of hope for those marginalized people in our communities’.
 He said that with the department aligning itself with the Vision 2050, things would now
be different.
“With our development partners, donors, stakeholders and communities, we can now, in the words of US President Barack Obama, say that ‘yes we can’ and ‘yes we will’”, he said.
Presiding over the ceremony, Port Moresby archdiocese auxiliary Bishop Cherubim Dambui challenged everyone to aspire to be in the image of God which was the ability to love and share.
Bishop Dambui said building up communities meant to share and show God’s love and the service was to also offer the department’s plans for the whole year to God to bless and guide them in their endeavours.