‘All involved in HIV fight’

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IT is everyone’s responsibility to help combat HIV/AIDS, Eastern Highlands elementary school inspector Charlie Kavavina said last Friday at a graduation of HIV/AIDS peer education workshop.
Mr Kavavina said a concerted approach was needed to contain the spread of the disease.
He said a total of 27 participants, mainly primary and secondary school teachers, took the course which should encourage them to spread positive messages.
The training was facilitated by John Kaima and John Marme, who congratulated the participants after earning their certificates in peer education.
Mr Kaima stressed the need to change behaviour pattern after going through a voluntary counselling and testing (VCT).
“PNG has not yet realised the importance of VCT.
“People’s behaviour will also change after they go through VCT,” he said.
Mr Marme said to date, a lot has been spent on the fight against HIV/AIDS  but the virus could be curbed more effectively through a proper peer education.
“Several non-governmental organisations and agencies are feasting and rejoicing on aid money under the pretext of fighting HIV/AIDS, their efforts cannot be effective unless we have an effective peer education strategy in place.
“We will focus on peer education to fight the virus,” he said.
The one-week course was held at West Goroka Primary school.