‘Any woman can start a business’

Lae News, Normal

THE recent PNG Women in Business expo has revealed various hidden talents, skills and passions that women have developed into business ventures.
Nawio Api, from Tikeleng village, Nawaeb,  Morobe province, has turned her passion for  art into a business.
The single mother of three, works as an administration officer at the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment.
 She decided to start her own business for an extra source of income.
Ms Api started  Rhamel Prints last year and makes hand-crafted framed messages.
Ms Api said a customer would begin by selecting an art background from her master art book or art brochure.
They then choose a thoughtful message before the gift is printed and framed.
She also prints and frames popular bible verses, famous quotations, prayers and origin of names and their meanings.
She works from home.
Ms Api said any woman could start a business.
The one piece of advice she would give to those wishing to start their own business, is to do a business management course first.
Ms Api said she attended an AusAID sponsored business course.
She said she was privileged to attend the expo because it had given her an opportunity to learn and be inspired by other women entrepreneurs.