‘Beacon of hope’ Kakas farewelled

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The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014


MEN and women turned out in numbers for Scholla Warai Kakas’ funeral service at the St Joseph Catholic Church at East Boroko, NCD, yesterday.

Witnessing the ceremony as well were the three women parliamentarians, Community Development Minister and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza, Sohe MP Delilah Gore and Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso.

Women in meri blouses depicting the colours of the PNG flag lined the entrance of the church as Kakas’ body was paraded into the church in a casket.

Brother-in-law Rex Paki gave a moving eulogy, describing the life of a woman who sacrificed a lot fighting for what she believed in.

Paki said Kakas was a beacon of hope and would still be through her legacy for all women in PNG as she lived and breathed for the liberation of women until her untimely passing.

He said Kakas’ ideal PNG society was one free of all forms of oppression against women.

“Her dedication and commitment to her cause is unprecedented,” Paki said. 

“She was a passionate fighter for the equality of women in our male-dominated society,” he said.

“She has contributed immensely politically, socially and economically for women in PNG.

“In the various boards she has been representing women, she has always asked, ‘what is in it for women?’”

Kakas attained a certificate in agriculture but started her working career as a journalist with NBC’s Radio Southern Highlands in the early 1970s.

It was while a journalist that Kakas found the passion to be a voice for all women in PNG.

She then went to work in Porgera as a community affairs officer and helped establish the Southern Highlands provincial council of women and the mines council of women.

After her time with Pogera, she was asked by the Enga provincial government to join them as their women’s representative.

Paki said joining the National Council of Women as president was a dream come true for Kakas and a position well-deserved for a woman of her calibre.