‘Brand of fish products vital’

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PRODUCT brands are the ones driving market innovation in European markets, and not the retailers, Henk Brus of Atuna said yesterday.
Mr Brus challenged countries of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) not to think of the European tuna market as one unified group of consumers because the taste and demand for tuna varies from one European country to another.
He said these yesterday during the second Pacific tuna forum in Port Moresby.
“European processors are connected to strong brands … there is a strong concentration on product innovation.
“This innovation is all aimed at trying to created new price with new packaging with very advanced technology that cannot be very difficult if produced outside Europe. In that way strong local brands protect their market to outside”.
He called on Pacific countries to find partners in the EU markets.
Mr Brus said since brands of fish products were vital in marketing fish in the international markets especially EU, WCPO countries and their partners in distant fishing should seek partnership in the EU markets.
In his remark, Mr Brus had encouraged the idea of regional market.