‘Cholera awareness still a priority ’

National, Normal

CHOLERA awareness is still a priority for the NCD cholera task force team as it continue with its campaign to educate citizens on personal hygiene.
Team leader Dr Timothy Pyakaliya said yesterday that the focus was on proper food handling, proper way to wash hands, access to clean drinking water and toilets for proper disposal of human waste.
He said city residents had  responded positively to awareness campaigns.
Dr Pyakaliya said surveillance was stepped up in all hospitals and clinics after the first cholera infection was detected to ensure that there were adequate trained staff to deal with patients.
He said the long-term plan of the task force was to train as many medical officers as possible to tackle the disease.
Dr Pyakaliya said although the disease was not likely to be wiped out, it was up to individuals to observe basic good hygiene and sanitation practices.
“We are also teaming up with the NCD City hall to set up public toilets and more water supply systems in schools.
“Surveillance has been stepped up following the outbreak of typhoid in the country.