‘Churches vital in health sector’

National, Normal

The National-Tuesday, 25th October 2011

CHURCHES play an important role in service delivery, Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham says.
Officially opening a new maternity ward last Friday, he thanked the Catholic church for its work in helping the local people of Mugil.
He said most government-run facilities were of very low standard compared to the church-run institutions. 
“Most church-run schools and health facilities continue to provide much needed services, thanks to the dedication and commitment by our brothers and sisters,” he said.
He thanked the Lutheran and United churches.
Maxtone-Graham said the government was happy to continue working in partnership with churches to provide services to all parts of the country.
“This is the first time the national government had committed a total of K109 million to the health sector,” he said.
He said until recently a collaborative report by national experts and consultants indicated that the country would need about K15 billion to upgrade its health facilities throughout the country.
He welcomed the inclusion of wellness clinics at health facilities and said every person must check-in at the clinics to get their blood and pressure checked to avoid preventative diseases.
“Preventative measures including the knowledge, hygiene and sanitation is important to prevent the spread of diseases.”
He said education could save health costs in the future. \