‘Community projects need more attention’

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THE Community Development Workers Association (CDWA) Highlands regional chairman Desmond Park says
the people will be truly empowered and independent if the Government  focuses on funding community development activities.
“Such funding will benefit the country’s younger generation directly.
“Community development is all about empowering people at the lowest level of the communities, involving people in decision making,” he said.
He said community development was the foundation of nation-building and should begin at home.
Mr Park and his CDWA members have been involved in implementing various community development projects throughout the Highlands, in which he said had greatly empowered the people, especially women and youths.
“We have also given attention to training women with useful skills, especially in capacity building, which had played a vital role in the lives of the people in the communities.
“This is because women have more advantage than men to influence and motivate their families, to be initiators of change in their respective communities,” he said.
Mr Park called on women trained by the CDWA, which is funded by the PNG Democratic Governance Transition Phase (DGTP), to make use of their skills and to pass them on to their children.
He also challenged the women to teach and implement the skills in their respective communities.
He also expressed gratitude towards the AusAID-funded DGTP for funding projects and recognising the efforts of community-based organisations.
Mr Park said CDWA was focused on bringing about development and change to the lowest level of the community by working with family units.