‘Condom message spreads wrongly’

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THE Morobe Network for Positive Living (MNPL) is worried about the way Nicholas Senat, a person living with the AIDS virus, is trying to raise awareness about the deadly virus.
MNPL chairman Rodney Mukinere said Mr Senat, who has been living with HIV/AIDS the past eight years, did not have the right knowledge in relation with HIV/AIDS awareness.
“My major concern is that Mr Senat is going around saying that even condoms are not safe.
 “Condoms are safe to use and are the best form of protection.
“Antiretroviral (ART) medication works effectively if the patients adhere to its directives for use,” Mr Mukinere said.
He is also living with the AIDS virus and always wanted to spread the HIV/AIDS awareness to young people to be aware of the situation.
Last Friday, MNPL invited Mr Senat to become a member, but he turned down the offer.
On Wednesday, Mr Senat went to the Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (BAHA) office and condemned the use of condoms.
“He told two women officers to remove the boxes of condoms immediately. It is not the right way to disseminate information to the public,” Mr Mukinere said.
He said MNPL was trying to ensure that there is a positive network for people living with HIV/AIDS.
“We try to discourage people from spreading the disease.
“Living with HIV/AIDS is like living hell on earth.
“But with good family support, care and love, those infected can live longer,” Mr Mukinere said.
The MNPL is urging all business houses in the city to refrain from entertaining Mr Senat as he could be disseminating wrong information on HIV/AIDS.
Mr Mukinere was infected with HIV in a liaison with a woman who was a stranger and was diagnosed HIV positive in 2005.
Mr Mukinere, who is married for more than 20 years, said he regretted that moment when he gave himself away to the unknown woman.
“The positive thing in my life is that my wife does not have AIDS,” he said.
And since being diagnosed with AIDS, he took the initiative to set up MNPL and has tried to raise a positive message to those living with HIV/AIDS and to the communities in the province.