‘Corrupt person’ jailed

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The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013


PEOPLE who procure and receive bribes are better off in prison, Lae District Court magistrate Sasa Ikung said yesterday when sentencing a man to seven months in prison for false pretence. 

Ikung found former public servant Archie Qiling guilty of obtaining K1,015 from a Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) operator through false pretence.

The court heard that Qiling had told the plaintiff that he would get new PMV number plates but disappeared after receiving the money.

Qiling was on the run for some time until the complainant spotted him last Thursday in Lae and brought him to the police station.

He admitted taking the money from the complainant and used it for his own benefit.

“You are a corrupt person,” Inkung told the accused.

“Getting money from outside is wrong. Proper channels have to be followed. It is because of people like you and there are too many problems with vehicles on our roads.”

The magistrate said doing things outside the established processes were wrong and amounted to corruption.

He sentenced Ikung to seven months in prison.