‘Demon’ dad

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A WESTERN Highlander, who trained to become a pastor, has been sentenced to six years in prison for raping his daughter and fathering her three children, actions which the judge described as “demonic and animalistic”.
The abuse occurred over a period of seven years.
John Jack Pep, 49, from Kimininga village outside Mt Hagen, pleaded guilty before the National Court last Friday to committing incest with his own daughter, Annette John, 29, between 2001 and 2007.
The court was told that Annette was 21 when the abuse began in 2001, while her father was studying at Pabrabuk Bible College in the Nebilyer district to become a church pastor.
The court was informed that during the ensuing seven years, Pep repeatedly forced Annette into having sexual intercourse with him, threatening to beat her up if she refused or reported the abuse to her mother or other relatives.
Annette became pregnant three times and gave birth to three children, two girls and a boy.
Pep testified in court that he had forced his daughter to also make up the identities of the children’s fathers in order to cover up his own wrongdoing. After turning 27 in 2007, Annette revealed her ordeal to her relatives after suspicions were raised in the village about who the fathers of the children were.
When handing down the sentence, acting judge Regina Sagu said that it was not common for this form of incest to occur in this part of the country.
She described Pep’s crimes as some form of “animalistic action, driven by a demonic force” because the father had broken the normal parent to child trust that rightfully exists within a family unit.
The court ordered Pep to serve three years and 11 months in Baisu jail, out of the six years imprisonment term handed down by the court because he has already served two years and a month as a National Court remandee at Baisu jail.
Judge Sagu said this form of incest deserved a greater penalty but because the law had been amended in 2002, Pep received a lesser penalty.