‘Do not disturb peace in the city’

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The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

POLICE in the nation’s capital have cautioned candidates and their supporters not to stage unnecessary protest marches which could potentially disturb peace in the city.
NCD-Central commander Francis Tokura issued the warning yesterday after supporters of candidates contesting the Moresby Northeast seat held a protest march outside Sir John Guise Stadium and obstructed the flow of traffic.The protesters, mostly from Ward 6 in 6 – Mile, wanted 12 disputed boxes set aside by the Electoral Commission to be counted and its result tallied.
The voters who gathered on Monday morning along Sir John Guise Drive said that their right to a good leader was hijacked by the commission who did not respond favourably to their petition by counting the disputed boxes. They claimed that there was nothing wrong with the boxes as police and election officials were present when they voted.Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen, upon advice from the commission’s lawyer, had refused to admit the boxes for counting.Tokura said while the supporters and their candidates had the right to protest, they should inform police seven days in advance to be given the go – ahead.
“What they did on Monday was illegal. They did not inform us,” he said.
“I will not allow any protests from now on,” Tokura said.
“Protests will not change the election results.”