‘Dojo’ under Schnaubelt recognised

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PAPUA New Guinea Mas Oyama Kyokushin Karate Association (MOKA) under Sensei Walter Schnaubelt is the only recognised association in PNG.
Sensei Schnaubelt said this during the grading of six of his students last Saturday.
He confirmed this when queried about the existence of another ‘dojo’ (karate school in japanese), in Port Moresby, under his former student Sempai Bernard Soari.
“This is the only sanctioned dojo in the country, recognised by the international organisation,” Schnaubelt said.
The former champion, known worldwide in the karate circles, said any other kyokushin karate school in PNG should be sanctioned by the international body, MOKA through PNGMOKA.
With their headquarters in Japan, home to the arts founder Mas Oyama, the organisation had set their roots worldwide with branches in Australia, Brazil, America and Canada.
He said these were some of the international organisations that make up the international body.
The only other ‘dojo’ in PNG under Sempai Soari, also went through their grading process the previous week, and saw a number of their students  – from children to adults – exhibiting their art to possibly advance to the next level.
Schnaubelt said his former student Sempai Soari had to go separate paths to form his own organization due to some differences within themselves.
He added that he was hopeful that these little differences would be sorted in the near future, for the good of PNGMOKA and kyokushin karate.
There are no immediate plans for international events on calendar.
He said the organisation was currently on a rebuilding process to ensure that his students were prepared to compete in international events.