‘Don’t blame alcohol’

National, Normal

The National, Monday 3rd June 2013


THIRTY-four councillors from the Porgera-Paiala and Hewa LLGs in Enga have denied claims that alcohol is the root cause of every tribal fight in their areas.

They said a report published in The National quoting district administrator Mori Larume and his law and order committee last month was misleading as they did not reflect the real cause of every tribal fight.

They called on Larume and his committee not to mislead the people of Porgera and Enga by blaming alcohol for every law and order problem.

The councillors urged Larume to abandon plans to petition the National Executive Council and the provincial liquor licencing board to ban the sale of liquor in Porgera valley.

The councillors said they were supporting liquor outlets and lodge owners because this was a way to create employment and cash flow.

“Alcohol is not the cause of problems but the people and tribal leaders causing it to happen,” Porgera LLG president and Deputy Governor John Pawe said.

Pawe said there were people on the ground and knew exactly how fights started.