‘Don’t just send your child to school’

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The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 TABUBIL Secondary School board chairman  Allan Tagai told parents at Tabubil Secondary School that they must be responsible for their children’s welfare.

“I’m appealing to you – don’t just send your child to school. Support him or her financially, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and any other way,” Tagai said last Wednesday.

He was speaking at the graduating students they were leaders in waiting because they were the ones to make things happen. 

“I was very pleased to learn that 91 of our students were selected to go to the school of excellence.

“Young people can change the world. 

“You can make a change. Nobody is going to make that change for you unless you first make that change yourself.”

Tagai said TSS was looking at excellence in education and to make it a model school in Western. 

Tagai reminded the students that the late Nelson Mandela’s legacy should remind young people in the world that sanity prevailed and God was still in control.

Head girl Helalo Naime said being a school leader was not an easy task and thanked her fellow students and teachers for their support and guidance this year.