‘Dress appropriately’

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013

 DEPUTY Morobe Governor Morokoi Gaiwata drew the ire of women in Lae yesterday when he told them to dress properly so that they do not attract male attention.

In his address during the national haus krai at Eriku oval, Gaiwata called on women to avoid wearing shorts and showing their cleavage which could attract men to assault them. 

His comment drew angry and loud protest 

from women leaders at the event who said it was negative and belittled the status, cause and worth of women. 

The women were angered that someone representing the governor who was attending Parliament would make such a statement instead of providing solutions to the problem.

A nationwide haus krai was held to protest all forms of  violence against women in the country. 

Many women described Gaiwara’s statement as insensitive and backward especially at a time when they were looking to the government  for support and answers.

Andrea Niblett said women should be free to speak, dress and walk freely on the streets of Lae without any form of harassment from men.

“The bottom line here I think is respect.”