‘Drunk’ policeman locked up in cell

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The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A MEMBER of a police force in Enga was locked up in Wabag police cell last Friday for turning up at the police station under the influence of alcohol.
Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari told The National on Sunday that if he could get tough on the people for drinking alcohol and causing nuisance in public there is no exception for his own policemen and women in the province.
Lakari said that he locked up a member of a mobile squad 11 based in Laiagam for turning up at the police station intoxicated and causing disturbance while other members of the force were preparing to provide guard of honour for the visiting acting Prime Minister Sam Abal and his delegation including Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie.
He said the policeman concern was released the next day when he was sober.
He said that formal disciplinary charges would be laid against him today.
Lakari said that when he worked hard with majority of the police personnel in the province to maintain order there was no reason why any member of the police force should show bad example to the people.
He said that police personnel must work hard to earn respect from the people.
He said that such behaviour of a policeman only spoilt the good work other policemen are doing in the province and he would not tolerate such behaviour.
Lakari warned the police personnel in the province in a strongest term possible that if he caught any drinking alcohol in a police vehicle or within police premises he would not hesitated to arrest and charge them accordingly.
He said that police personnel turning up for work under the influence of alcohol would also face the same consequence, adding that they  as law enforcers must uphold their code of ethics at all times.
Lakari said otherwise celebrations were peaceful in Enga and thanked the public for that.