‘DWU has helped Modilon’

National, Normal

FORMER Modilon Hospital board chairman Fr Jan Czuba says a doctor’s outburst that Divine Word University (DWU) did not do enough for the hospital is “politically motivated and baseless”.
Fr Czuba, who is now DWU president, said the university had done so much for the hospital in terms of human resources training and upgrading of facilities.
The National last week quoted the doctor as saying DWU should not continue using Modilon as a teaching hospital for its medical students because of a lack in contribution.
Fr Czuba said the hospital was under the Health Department which was responsible for the hospital’s infrastructure development and growth.
“But DWU had contributed significantly to the development of the hospital, especially to its maternity ward which is rated as the best in the country, the eye care department through the partnership of Fred Hollow Foundation,” he said.
He said DWU also renovated the hospital’s classroom, equipping it with IT facilities like projectors and the pathology department at the Modilon campus now occupied by the hospital’s pathology ward and the Institute of Medical Research.
“DWU was also instrumental in facilitating partners from overseas to come and help the hospital and also train nurses for the post graduate diploma in eye care nursing programme,” he added.
Fr Czuba said doctors were also invited to use the university’s facilities like the internet.
“The doctor’s outburst was immature and lacked substance he is ignorant and is acting against the National Government’s decision to declare the hospital as a teaching hospital,” he said.