‘Educate us about climate change’

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EDUCATED Papua New Guineans have obligation to spread information on climate change caused by global warming as the bulk of people remain illiterate.
“Effects of global warming and climate change will have direct impacts on the lives of the people; they need to be kept informed for them to be prepared to meet the challenges,” Simbu businessman Wera Mori issued this message at the 10th annual dual Grades 10 and 12 graduation at Yaweh Moses Secondary in Chuave, Simbu province, on Tuesday.
“The new series of threats confronting the world today poses real threat to national security for all nations including PNG.
“This is attributed to global warming causing prolonged wet and dry seasons having direct impacts in the lives of the people, which poses threats to food security without any geopolitical boundaries and can be detrimental to the societies,” Mr Mori said.
He said every citizen had an obligation to their communities to educate them on the impact of global warming.
Mr Mori urged students, as educated ones, to help in the dissemination of information on climate change and its effects.
Mr Mori also called on them to remain focus on their ambitions, set objectives and work hard towards achieving them.
“Always be prepared and look forward to new challenges, accept criticisms and  excel as you will comparatively have the high intelligence quotient,” he said.