‘Elementary is the answer’

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ELEMENTARY schools are the foundation for learning, according to Paul Yapi, chairman of Zion Tarangau Elementary School in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province.
Mr Yapi said this was why the Education Department should focus on improving the learning standards and creating a good environment for the students to learn.
“Elementary schools are sometimes overlooked, thus teachers and the management are used to put most of their time and resources to teach, something which the Education Department should be doing,” Mr Yapi said.
He was speaking during the eighth graduation of the elementary two students last month.
Mr Yapi said the department should focus more on elementary schools because this was where doctors, accountants, lawyers and business people take their first step in order to get to the top.
He said even if reforms were in place for the elementary schools, people still had a right to better learning.
Mr Yapi said elementary school was the foundation for learning.