‘Escapees terrorise Morobe patrol post’

National, Normal

THE people of Morobe patrol post say that some of the 73 escapees from Buimo jail in Lae are roaming their streets.
They said three armed men attacked Kayaira Primary School by firing shots two weeks ago.
The armed men kidnapped a Grade  4 pupil. They ripped his clothes off and wounded him, villagers said.
The boy is from the nearby Wangbezaira village. He was released after an hour.
Villagers and teachers said they did not know the reasons for the attack. They suspected that the escapees could be from the Morobe patrol post and Garaina areas.
Provincial police commander Peter Guinness confirmed receiving reports about the attack and plans to go to the area once he has logistical information.
People of inland villages of Bematu, Kobio, Epa and Zinaba say they were scared of going to their gardens to get food and bushes to hunt for fear of being attacked.
Villager Gani Dawa from Bematu village said  the communities had reported the matter to the rural patrol unit, Buimo CIS commander and the Huon Gulf district administrator Tony Ase earlier this month .
“Nothing has been done to track down the armed men,” he said.