‘Food security, nutrition important’

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TAIWAN Technical Mission in Papua New Guinea team leader Kevin Lin says the demands of food security and nutrition were now important factors in the specialisation of mass production of crops in Papua New Guinea.
“The shift to nutrition is vital to sustain the livelihood of the PNG people. With PNG’s different climate and geographical make up in different areas and regions, the country can specialise in the mass production of different crops to effectively meet the demands of food security and nutrition,” he said.
“This will also help promote a healthier growing population,” he told farmers in Garam, Markham district, last week.
“Children are the future and the human resources of this country, they will not grow up and perform well if they do not have the right nutrition,” he said.
“Different crops can be cultivated in different areas. Not all farmers must cultivate rice because there are other crops in demand.
“Different crops provide different nutrition, so we have to develop different crops,” he said.
“With rice farming, brown rice is healthier and is more nutritious to the human body,” he said.