‘Get tough on alcohol abusers’

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POLICE in the National Capital District have issued a “zero tolerance” stand on alcohol for the festive season to the residents.
“Consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated in public places or in moving motor vehicles,” NCD chief of operations Supt Andy Bawa said yesterday.
Supt Bawa also reminded alcohol dealers to inform their customers to be more responsible and take their purchases and drink in the privacy of their homes.
He said he had informed his men in a meeting yesterday not to tolerate anyone caught drink driving or drinking in public places.
Supt Bawa said recent findings by the law and justice sector of the Justice Department had noted a drop in crime rate for Port Moresby for the past two years, which was the result of collaborative efforts of both the police and community.
In the meantime, a police station commander has raised concerns that a lot of reported cases at Gordon police station, in the Moresby Northeast electorate, which he heads were mostly alcohol-related.
Insp Fred Barre pointed this out during the launch of the Yumi Lukautim Mosbi Christmas Safe Campaign yesterday, adding that tougher laws must be put in place against alcohol abuse.
He said one way of addressing the issue would be to impose tougher penalty, including increasing the bail or fine to about K500 when one was caught.  
 NCD Governor Powes Parkop who was present to launch the campaign, said NCDC was taking the lead in fighting against littering and consumption of alcohol in public places in the city.
He said he wanted more young people involved in enforcing the anti-littering and liquor laws.
Mr Parkop also indicated that liquor ban for NCD may be announced before the start of Christmas on Friday. “It is a signal and a challenge to the city residents to act in a responsible way.  
“NCDC wants to see people act positively and consume alcohol in a positive way,” he said.