‘Ghost account’ prevents school from using funds

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 2nd May 2013

 A PRIMARY school in Erave, Southern Highlands, cannot access its funds given by the government for the free fee tuition policy because it has a “ghost account”.

The school is which is situated in the Sembirigi valley started off with a high note, full school stationeries, and staffs with more than 300 students.

The head teacher of the Wemi Primary School, Toringi Michael, told The National that the remote school, which is located in the Sembirigi valley, started well with support from the parents and communities.

Michael said the problems began when he and members of the school board travelled to Mendi town to buy stationery items and building materials.

“After endorsement of several slips and quotations by the provincial education administration in Mendi at counter, we were told that the school account was listed as ghost school account,” he said.

Michael said the matter was reported to the provincial education adviser Joel Raitano.

He added that the school’s stationery supplies were exhausted after first term and they had no supplies to continue.

Michael said that some teachers decided to leave and seek teaching positions in other schools after being told of the ghost account.

“Our 300 plus students will be affected and when the teachers pull out; this will be a sad story for them,” he said.

“Higher education authorities must look into this matter and take action against the officer who lodged documents claiming Wemi Primary School is not in operation.”