‘Health services not working’

National, Normal


HEALTH secretary Dr Clement Malau says health indicators show that health services have not improved due to human resources and finance problems.
“There are major challenges in the health services delivery system nationwide which require clear coordination and implementation at all levels of the government machinery.
“Collaborative efforts are vital, therefore making clear their roles and responsibilities will enable implementers to be actively involved in the service delivery at the district level,” Dr Malau said in an interview with The National.
He said indicators according to demographic reports such as the 733/100,000 maternal death and the high infant mortality rates were signs that the health system was not working well.
“Such indicators have forced the department to look at base line people to be involved in improving the health and standard of living of the people.
“The single health plan which is expected to be launched in the middle of this year basically involves the districts to move the plan forward as integral service delivery,” he said.
However, he said there were many impediments in the service delivery but the major obstacles were capacity, understanding and commitment.