‘Help us reduce crime’

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ACTING assistant commissioner and NCD and Central commander, Chief Supt Awan Sete said police cannot effectively reduce crime unless there is mutual trust and understanding with the people.
Chief Supt Sete said it was important for police officers living and working in Port Moresby and Central province to maintain the principles of discipline and ethics.
He said officers should consider the commissioner’s declaration while upholding their values and ethics in everything they did so that the people they served could respect their services being rendered to the communities.
Chief Supt Sete said by showing good discipline and ethics in everything they did, they would win the respect of the people.
He urged police personnel to ensure that their basic policing procedures at station levels were followed so that people could appreciate their services.
He agreed with the enhancing frontline policing concept which is a bid to ensure that routine procedures were followed and effectively enforced at the station level.  
Chief Supt Sete was speaking at the Christmas-New Year parade and the launch of the Niupela Sindaun.