‘Hire men’ are now the heroes of Enga

Letters, Normal

AS one of the selectors of the Toyota Enga Mioks this year, I would like to congratulate my fellow officials of Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup for putting up a solid team.
Credit must go to John Passingan and Timothy Lepa, the brains of the Ipatas Cup.
When the Mioks first went to Wabag to train at Sopas, all Engans called them “hire men” and the boys felt unwelcome.
Some of them even tried to escape the camp but with the help and encouragement of now suspended officials like Mr Passingan and Mr Lepa, the boys continued to train.
Now, it is the direct opposite.
Engans are now rushing to greet and hug the players.
I take this opportunity to thank the people of Sopas for helping the boys with food, money and support.
If they win the grand final, I appeal to patron and Enga Governor Peter Ipatas to do something for the good people of Sopas.
They stuck with the team during the good and bad times while the rest of Enga rejected them.
I would also like to thank coach Toksy Nema for a job well done to take the boys to the final after Passingan’s suspension.
Go Mioks, go.


Rait Mona
Via email