‘Illegal’ alluvial mining at Misima


The National

I CALL on the Department of Mining to look into what we, the citizens of Kaubwaga and Lobwa wards on Misima Island, perceive as dubious alluvial mining being pursued by a foreigner on State land and traditional boundaries.
We are relating to the Sonusonua creek area leading to Hawamit Bay.
It is common knowledge that alluvial mining is a reserved business activity for nationals only.
The silent majority is keen to know how the foreigner managed to get the rights to operate alluvial mining.
The people of Kaubwaga and Lobwa have not formed landowner associations to participate and a handful of individuals are colluding with this particular foreigner to carry out alluvial mining.
The Department of Mining must let us know if it has any knowledge about the alluvial mining activity in the area.
The same goes with the Member for Samarai-Murua and the Milne Bay provincial government.
The people of Kaubwaga and Lobwa want this matter resolved quickly as we are concerned about the environment.
Reuben Guma-Elijah