‘Investigate K200m’

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

CHAIRMAN of the Rural Industries Council (IRC), Brown Bai is calling on the government to explain the usage of K200 million allocated last year for the National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP).
He claimed in a media statement that the bulk of the NADP funds were not used for its intended
purposes and also not known whether the NADP-approved guidelines were followed in the usage of the funds.
He said thousands of genuine farmers throughout the country were denied funding of their projects from the NADP appropriated funds.
He said half of the total NADP funds were disbursed from the National Planning and Monitoring while the other half was distributed from the department of Agriculture and Livestock last year but there was no effective cocoordination and distribution of the funds.
“True economic sustainable development of the economy and the country will only take place if the majority of the people of the country are actively and meaningfully engaged in developing their land,” Bai said.
He added that all NADP funds usage commencing from the year NADP was introduced, must be fully investigated by the Task Force Sweep team.