‘Jubilee college is not yet a university’

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THE Assemblies of God (AOG) Jubilee college has been advised not to use the term “university” to avoid confusion about the status of the institute.
The Office of Higher Education (OHE) has written a letter to the National superintendent of AOG church stating that the Jubilee College has not satisfied the establishment protocol as an institution of higher education.
OHE director-general William Tagis, in his letter, expressed concern over media advertisements by Jubilee University regarding student intake for this year.
“This public notice misinterprets the actual status of the institution, and thus will have an effect on parents and students nationwide.
“This advertisement also questions the National Executive Council’s (NEC) Decision No.95/2009,” Mr Tagis said in the Feb 3 letter.
He said higher education was a national responsibility and that a provider cannot operate as a university or college without the government’s authorisation as specified in the Higher Education Act of 1993 and the 2008 Guidelines for the Establishment, Accreditation and Declarations of Institutions of higher education as university in PNG.
Dr Tagis said the NEC’s Decision No. 191/2005 was only on a basis for the commencement of the establishment of Jubilee as a college and not a decision to legitimise the institution as a university and thus the current NEC Decision No. 95/2009, rescinds the previous NEC Decision No. 191/2005 and directs the following:
* The AOG church begin developing a strategic plan for the establishment of an institution of higher education in sync with 2008 guidelines for the establishment, accreditation and declarations of institutions of higher education as university in PNG; and
*The AOG church is to work closely with the OHE.
Mr Tagis said in the letter that any institution of higher education intending to be declared as a university must satisfy the existing establishment, protocols and declarations on the establishment of new institutions, and declaration of existing institutions of higher education as a university.
“It is advisable not to use the term university to avoid confusion on the status of the institute.
“We also encourage AOG’s establishment committee to maintain close dialogue with the OHE to assist AOG and NEC to work towards realising the desire for an AOG college of higher education.”