‘K7 million for dorms is too much’

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EAST New Britain governor Leo Dion will be asking for an independent assessment to be conducted on the refurbishment of the dormitories at Kerevat National High School.
Mr Dion said the perception from the public was that K7 million was too much just to renovate only the dormitories.
If this funding was given to the provincial government, it would be used to build a new high school, he said.   
“I am not happy with Kerevat and I am asking for an investigation to be conducted properly, I do not want the company that is constructing the dormitories to report to me, No! I want an independent assessor,” he said.
 Mr Dion said the handing over of the keys recently by the contractor to the school administration, witnessed by National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten and Education Minister James Marape, was just politics as the project not being completed as yet.
“This K7 million was paid out front, but if you take a visit to the school, the work on the dormitories does not match the K7 million. So what is happening here? That is the question I,  as the governor and representative for the people, am asking,” he said.
Mr Dion said he did not want the National Government to give an extra K4 million for the project as he said the missing money must be accounted for before more is poured into the project.