‘Kandep needs more troops’

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WORKS, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye believes that a police rapid response unit from outside is required to restore normalcy in his electorate.
Mr Polye, who is also Kandep Open MP, said last week that he had talked with Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi and Police Commissioner Gari Baki about the matter and was confident that a unit would be deployed to his district.
Law and order has reportedly spiraled out of control in Kandep after the by-elections, and he believed that a minority was responsible for threatening public servants and his projects.
Mr Polye appealed to his people not to engage in criminal activities or tribal fight but resolved their conflicts in a more civilised manner.
He said there was still shortage of police manpower and the National Government was trying to address this by increasing the current 4,000 manpower to 10,000.
He said this could not happen overnight but would definitely take some time.
Mr Polye said out of the 4,000 men he has, half of them were already reaching retirement
age and were no longer active members of the force.