‘Kandep warriors must lay down arms’

National, Normal


ENGA provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare has appealed to the people of Kandep district to appreciate the multi-million-kina projects their local MP is delivering and has urged them to lay down their arms.
“Kandep is regarded as one of the least developed districts in the past but is now changing in a big way with good road networks, better health services, postal and banking services, satellite and Digicel communication coverage, major face-lifts to all schools, wheat projects and many other development taking place.
“These services were non-existent previously and the people really suffered,” he said.
Supt Chare urged groups of people using weapons to scare away public servants to put their arms down and allow public servants to return to deliver goods and services to them.
“You are only making life difficult for yourselves by stopping the services initiated by MP Don Pomb Polye, who is Works, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister.
“Not many MPs are delivering such tangible developments to their people,” he said.
Supt Chare said while other districts were progressing in terms of development, Kandep should be no exception.
He also appealed to Police Commissioner Gari Baki and Highlands police divisional commander ACP Simon Kauba to deploy two sections of the mobile squads from other provinces into Kandep to help restore order.
Supt Chare said the province’s two mobile squads, MS 11 and 12, were committed in other problem areas.
“We are now unable to do much here because of the lack of manpower,” he said.
Mr Polye said he had already raised the matter with Mr Baki and Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi.
He is confident that mobile squads would be deployed soon to maintain law and order.