‘Kapis, not Kapris’

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By ALMANZO MATBOB DWU journalism student

COMMERCE and Industry Minister Gabriel Kapris has accused the media of spelling the name of prison escapee William Kapris wrongly.
The minister insists the prison escapee’s surname should be spelt Kapis, without an ‘r’.
“The suspect’s name is Nauna and his step father’s name is Kapis and not Kapris” Mr Kapris said.
“Tell your bosses or whoever in Port Moresby to go to Sepik and get their facts right,” he told journalists in Madang.
Mr Kapris said he was concerned that because of the media’s incorrect spelling of the suspect’s name, he and his family were placed in danger.
“What if I drive by in a private car, people see me, mention my name then call the police and I get shot at by police,” he said.
When the suspect was first caught, police named him as William Kapis Nanua. But during an appearance in the National Court last year, Justice Panuel Mogish ruled that the prisoner’s name be spelt Kapris, after the prisoner himself told the judge how his name should be spelt.