‘Leaders’ plea to God a blasphemy

Letters, Normal

I am saddened with the passing of Pastor Joseph Kingal.
However, I must say that the ministry’s stand to petition God for his resurrection is pathetic.
I believe that every man born into this world has a purpose.
It is up to the individual to seek God’s purpose in his life.
Kingal heard God’s calling and did his part.
Bless those souls who have repented to God’s words through the Joseph Kingal ministry.
He did his part and God called him to rest. Period.
Why can’t the ministry seek God’s guidance in nominating a new leader to lead the ministry than resurrecting the late pastor?
This is downright blasphemy.
Christ was resurrected to show the world that he alone can conquer sin and redeem a lost soul through the shedding of his blood.
This differentiates God from man.
Let God be God and mortals be mortals.
How can we call this country a Christian country and yet blaspheme God with this kind of mockery?


Port Moresby