‘Let us talk more about climate change’

Lae News, Normal


CLIMATE change has not featured prominently in the development planning of Morobe province, a senior public servant said.
Acting deputy provincial administrator of corporate affairs Geoving Bilong yesterday said, “The issue of climate change is complex and requires efforts by everyone.” 
Mr Bilong made this remarks when speaking to students during the Morobe Student Leaders Summit held in Eastern Highlands province last weekend.
“And in Morobe the issue of climate change is not and has not been discussed to any significant levels.”
He said it has “not definitely featured significantly” in the province’s future perceptions “even though it is addressed mildly within crosscutting issues together with law and order and disaster management in the administration.
“And the general perception is that God is with us and will look after us.”
“God gave man power to rule over his creation and we should consider it in planning for development.”
Morobe’s perception was develop its population to a level where its population is “healthy, wealthy and educated by the people and for its people”.
And the key factors for consideration do not show prominence in any level of discussion.
“We assume so and so no real efforts have been made to address them,” he said.
“The development efforts in infrastructure, economic and human resource developments had been attempted and some level of integration were required to improve performance.” 
He said this had to be linked to increased allocations in budgets, commitments to change in attitudes to management of the economy and disciplines in savings and investment.
Mr Bilong said that development changes perceived would not be realised in its fullness until there was an all out effort by the Morobe government, and all the sectors of the community “to make an effort to change”.