‘Literacy empowers’

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LITERACY is an empowering tool and a cross-cutting issue that should not be limited to the Education Department.
According to national literacy and awareness secretariat director general Willie Jonduo, literacy is the foundation of education which opens doors to educating the population.
“Once we have a literate Papua New Guinea, this then leads to an educated population,” he said.
Jonduo said last month that an educated population would then be able to make better choices or decisions for their own benefit.
“A literate population is also able to make their choices while being responsible for the decisions that they make,” he said.
He added that it was only an educated minority guiding the developmental aspects leaving the bulk of the people illiterate.
“We have a long way to go before achieving the ‘education for all’ goals, due in five years time,” Jonduo said.
He also announced that after the successful literacy week celebration held earlier this month in Northern, next year’s celebration will be in New Ireland.
Jonduo said the New Ireland community in Port Moresby were excited about the prospect of playing host and had begun with organising to ensure a “bigger and better” event next year.