‘Literacy programmes change attitudes and lives’

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LITERACY programmes transform human attitudes and lives, Buimo Commanding Officer Supt Timbi Kaugla said.
“This is why rehabilitation programmes are aimed at developing human capacity,” he said at the graduation of 36 Buimo prison inmates last Friday.
The inmates, including five women, received certificates and pocket Bibles after completing the prison’s literacy programme which was co-organised by the PNG Bible Society (PNGBS).
The inmates were also taught other life skills courses like carpentry and joinery, welding, poultry and piggery, agriculture and home economics for the women.
The rehabilitation programme was funded by Australian Christians, especially retired missionaries, Supt Kaugla said.
PNGBS Lae manager Kila Vuivagi said most people found it difficult to say “no” to unacceptable attitudes.
“It’s never too late when one operates with God, there are endless blessings in which the impossible becomes possible in life,” Mr Vuivagi said.
He encouraged the inmates to pursue their vision by using their newly-acquired skills and knowledge to embark on a career.
“You are fortunate because you will walk out from here a changed person,” he said.
The teachers for the participating inmates were also the inmates themselves who were trained in Buimo by the PNGBS in 2008.