‘Lonely Voices’ heard

Letters, Normal

TELIKOM appreciates and values the comments and concerns raised by “Lonely Voices” (The National, Jan 27) about the recently launched international calling cards.
At present, a dealer in Brisbane is yet to be established however, there is another way you can buy the Kumul Calling Card Call Credits and call your family and friends in PNG, without having to use a physical card.
These are numbers you can call to get your Call Credits: Brisbane 07-3102-8940; Melbourne 03-9011-5411; and Sydney 02-8213-1511.
Once you have called either of these numbers, you will be asked to provide your credit card details, after which you will be given a PIN which will also serve as your account number. The PIN will have the amount of call credits that you buy, eg, A$10, $20
When you have used up all your call credits, you can buy another denomination which will then be loaded into your account number and you can use the same PIN to make calls.
Negotiations are currently in progress to establish dealers in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to allow for the physical purchase of the Calling Cards. In the meantime, Call Credits can be bought using the process above.


Corporate Sales