‘Look after water quality’

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PNG Waterboard managing director Patrick Amini says Papua New Guinea needs to establish sustainable management of water resources.
“This will require the redefining of basic management objectives, institutional and regulatory arrangements,” he said.
Mr Amini said maintaining the integrity of biohydrological systems and natural infrastructure must be given the highest priority.
“There must be commitment to ensure future generations have access to the same quality of environment and natural resources as we have today.
“Let us ensure that we do not mess it up for the future,” he added.
Mr Amini said drinking quality water was an issue of increasing public interest and that interest was possibly linked to more general concerns for the environment.
“The community is no longer indifferent to the quality of water supply.  Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of key water quality issues,” he said.
Speaking at the World Water Day 2010 celebrations hosted at the Port Moresby Grammar School yesterday, Mr Amini said it was important for the water utility to understand the criteria, guidelines and standards of service.
He defined the terms as:
* Criteria-scientifically derived values that reflect the best available information on the impact of a given target of interest, eg public health
* Guidelines-are developed from the available criteria with some added interpretation; and
* Standard of services-relate to the performance of an organisation in providing services.
The celebrations, themed Water Quality, was witnessed by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Department of Environment and Conservation representatives, foreign mission officials and selected schools, including Port Moresby International School, Paradise High and Caritas Technical Secondary.