‘Love your bank’ drive

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THIS time, Bank South Pacific (BSP) has taken a positive approach towards conducting business with the launching of “love your bank” campaign at its main branch in Port Moresby yesterday.
Chief executive Ian Clyne said BSP was a nationally-owned bank that wanted “to give something back to the community in a more positive and friendly way”.
Every customer that walked into the bank received a hug from the banker, with every kina for a hug going towards any charity organisation.
The CEO said many people had not considered the important role BSP played in helping the community and they would like to “establish that relationship with care, pride and love”.
Mr Clyne said BSP is still growing and had the potential to expand in providing vital services like helping people, businesses and communities grow and prosper.
He said BSP was serious about business and managed K9 billion in shareholder funds and saving deposits for its clients. They want to be the bank serving the people in PNG.
He said a “hug a banker’ was  about fun and giving back to the community through its charity programme.
He said BSP  also one of the largest sponsors of sports in the country.
BSP has announced the creation of the BSP Children Foundation with K1,000,000 funding for this year.