‘Make use of wealth’

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 CHURCHES in the New Britain region have been urged to make use of available resources to fundraise to ensure the upkeep of their respective churches and not depend on financial donations.

Rabaul district council of churches chairman Reverend Nakikus Bellie said the land and sea was filled with resources that church congregations could utilise and raise funds to finance church activities.

Bellie agreed with MP for Bulolo Sam Basil (pictured) who recently highlighted that churches needed to play a more active role in the development of the country. 

He appealed to all church leaders to cut down on asking the government and private sector to help their churches as there were numerous alternative ways to raise money.

Bellie, who is the church representative in the Rabaul Joint District Planning and Budget Priorities committee, said he was aware of many proposals put forward by churches to members of parliament.

“A church must be seen as an agent for mobilising development using our own resources and must stop this trend of begging for funds,” Bellie said.

He said this practice was not evident in the past and today it seemed the church was no longer viable with laziness and dependence becoming a norm.