‘Men can control their violence’

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th, 2012

MEN have the potential to control violence in their families, says Ruth Kauffman, the Lae project coordinator of the family support centre.
“The men can do a lot to control violence in our society,” she said.
Kauffman said men could become role models in their families by stopping violence against women and children.
“The men can encourage each other to say no to violence,” she said.
Kauffman said men could transform themselves to be non-violent fathers to their wives and children.
“The men can transform themselves to becoming loving fathers and partners and they can transform their families to become loving, happy and peaceful families,” she said.
Kauffman said there was a high cost of violence to women, children and men too.
“People who are under the threat of violence have not shown their true potentials in their lives,” she said.
 “Violence can decrease the ability of the victims  to show their economic, educational and self-fulfillment in their lives.”
Kauffman said sexual and intimate partner violence was a major issue in the country.
“About 60% to 70% violence in the people’s relationship is about sexual and intimate partner violence,” she said.
She said the family support centre at the Angau Memorial General Hospital in Lae was offering free medical and psychological care to victims of sexual and intimate partner violence.

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