‘More funding needed for OBE’

National, Normal

EAST Sepik primary education adviser Alois Kawe says the Government must do more to provide the resources needed for the successful implementation of the Outcome Base Education (OBE) in the province.
There are 19 provincial education authorities in the country.
Mr Kawe said MPs must inject money into the newly introduced OBE curriculum which has strained resources resulting in poor examination results.
He said the OBE was into its’ second year of implementation and many schools had insufficient materials and facilities suitable for the OBE syllabus.
“Many teachers in the province do not have adequate knowledge and skills to teach.
Many schools in the province also do not have sufficient materials and facilities, like text books, libraries and other materials, essential for the OBE,” he said.
Mr Kawe urged MPs to pump money into education in their own districts.
“Spending money on education is no waste. It is important for this province,’’ he said.