‘Mr Road Man fulfill your election promises’

Momase, Normal


MADANG youth leader Ernest Skand Kima has said the people of  Josephstall and others in the Middle-Ramu electorate want “Mr Road Man”, referring to Madang MP Ben Sembri, to fulfill his election campaign promises.
“Where are you? Start building the roads that you promised,” Mr Kima said.
Mr Kima visited The National office with a copy of an editorial that was to be translated to tok pisin and distributed.
He also wanted to acknowledge the paper for putting up  articles for people to be aware of the difficulties people faced when no Government services were available.
Mr Kima, who is a parish youth coordinator, said he had to travel for almost a week to get to town to say “thank-you” after getting a copy of the paper from his parish priest.
“The paper has forced me to come out and call on Mr Road Man to come and fulfill his campaign promises.
“Don’t make us wait forever,” he added.
Mr Kima said the existing roads in the area were impassable and covered by thick undergrowth.
“Hundreds of bags of cocoa beans are still stranded because they can not be moved to markets in town.
“Air freight is too costly, at about K100 per bag.”
Mr Kima said a good road would resolve the people’s problems and lift their living standard.
He said the local MP in the last two terms, had never visited Josephstall to look into their plight.