‘Nice’ wife kills sister over affair

Lae News, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

A WOMAN who has been described as kind and loving is to stand trial in the National Court in Lae, Morobe, for the wilful murder of her sister.
The accused, Anna Barnabas Sebron, 36, from Mugarap village in the Leron Plains, Huon Gulf district, Morobe, appeared remorseful and did not say anything in court on Wednesday.
When asked by presiding committal court magistrate Posain Poloh for any statements, she retained her silence and had a forlorn look.
Police say Barnabas Sebron killed her sister, Tamo Barnabas, with a knife last Dec 22.
Tamo was unmarried.
Statements by the sisters’ brother Geobing Barnabas, said that Tamo had admitted to having an affair with the accused’s husband, Sebron Tom.
Tom has been described by his brother Seth Thomas as arrogant.
Thomas went on to describe his sister-in-law, as a loving woman who cared for his in-laws. She will appear for National Court listing on Monday.
In another case, a policeman will appear for trial on a charge of grievous bodily harm.
Task Force policeman Heni Meakoro, 28, from Marea village, Ihu sub-district, Gulf, is accused of hitting his wife, Elsie, in the eye with a cell phone.