‘Nothing new from MMJV’

Lae News, Normal


MEMBER for Bulolo Sam Basil on Tuesday said the Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) not offered any new initiatives for the community.
He said the current programmes undertaken by MMJV in Wau and Wafi were leftovers from previous developers.
He said it was his duty as their MP to ensure that whatever limited services the community had access to, should be distributed fairly.
Mr Basil was replying to the Hidden Valley gold projects landowner association president Rex Mauri.
He had taken up landowner concerns on the effects of the Hidden Valley gold projects’ pollution of the Watut River, its environment and people.
“Mr Basil should not have gone against the developer,” Mr Mauri had said.
But Mr Basil said it was his duty as their MP to do what he did.