‘Pangia district is deprived of Government services’

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PANGIA local leader Albert Tawia says more than 20,000 people living in remote South Pangia are deprived of Government services because the  district treasury office is “working on remote control” somewhere outside the district.
Mr Tawia said the treasury office in Pangia was opened in 2004 by former Finance and Treasury Minister Bart Philemon to provide services to the 100,000 people working in Pangia and its remote areas.
He said Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill must return to his electorate and deliver services which he promised during his election campaign instead of just thinking big for all of Papua New Guinea.
“The Pangia district treasury office is now run by cobwebs and birds making nests. Where are the Pangia public servants working?
“We are deprived of Government services. People living in far remote South Wiru are the most affected due to  bad roads and bridges.
“South Wiru is very fertile, rich in coffee, peanuts and garden foods but the people are unable to sell their produce because they could not bring them to markets and towns,” he said.
The law and order situation had deteriorated dramatically, he said.
Mr  Tawia urged Mr O’Niell to return to his electorate to make his own assessment of the situation and deliver the services that he promised.