‘Peace ceremony’ serves a minority

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Voters reconcile with Vele” (Oct 4).
The people of Port Moresby must not be misled by the actions of a minority of so-called leaders pursuing their own greed.
Always ask yourself “what has Governor Parkop not done that Wari Vele can do”?
If the people were to remain calm and rational, then they will see the tangible developments taking place around the city.
This city is for the people of Papua New Guinea, not a haven for a minority who look for hand-outs.
As an educated citizen and a true Papua New Guinean, I see the actions of these people as self-centred, selfish, power hungry and inconsiderate.
Some of the comments, such as “… needs of the people are not addressed …”, show these people are selfish.
What is their need?
Can’t they see the developments taking place in the city?
They should be ashamed of themselves for making such comments.
Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea and every development project must represent the interest for the people of Papua New Guinea.
If NCD Governor Powes Parkop can deliver within a short period of time, isn’t that exceptional?
The governor has done some major improvements within the city such as: 
* Tight financial management systems; and
* Contracts are awarded to qualified organisations to develop the city.
With these two systems in place, people can see that the expenditures reflect the actual development taking place in the city, and not some bogus contracts awarded to organisations who do not complete their work and yet get large sums of money for doing nothing.
Let us be honest, if the organisers of the “peace ceremony” did it with a good heart because they ditched Vele and used up all his money in previous elections, then that is fine.
But if they did it with the intention of returning Vele, then they are not representing the people but a minority.
The people of Port Moresby will stand behind the incumbent governor and clap our hands for a job well done.


Hamana Hamana Gunigugu
Port Moresby